Does calorie counting works all the time??

Now-a-days people are most conscious about the calorie intake. Many people believe that calories are the only thing that matters when it comes to weight losing while on the another hand it is framed that calorie counting is a waste of time as long as you’re eating clean or measuring portion sizes, for instance.

What’s the fact?

Let us understand what is CALORIE?

In simple words calories are a way of describing the amount of energy your body gets from eating and drinking.

This energy is used to keep your brain and organs functioning as they should be, and to provide fuel for physical activity.

Simple reasons why calorie count doesn’t work all the time-

All time thinking about food spoils your relationship with it: Weighing, measuring, counting and analyzing your food each and every time you eat. it’s unrealistic which is next to impossible counting the calorie content of every single thing you’re eating when you dine out or eat at a friend’s house or even when the label tells you so, as they’re sometimes wrong too. It will simply make you obsessed with food in the worst way, constantly thinking about what you’re eating and how it’s going to affect you and punishing yourself for everything you ingest, which usually often leads to binge eating.

Restrictions results in binging: Counting calories is not solution in fact it creates restrictions & limitation leaving you hungry or starving due to limited eating which results in over binging.

Balancing calorie with one meal: Many people think that if they binge in the morning meal or vice versa it can be compensate by skipping the other meals but they don’t consider that body doesn’t just digest calories…it digests the minerals, proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins along with what you’re eating. And if you’re eating a 350 calorie frozen dinner vs a 600 calorie dinner of grilled chicken, sauteed carrots, and rice…the second option just may be the better choice.

 Eating less and exercising more is a myth: What if I tell you that you can lose weight without counting calories? & that you could actually keep it off, instead of the typical yo-yo dieting? Eating less and exercising more doesn’t work long term as everybody thinks. By restricting calories, we are simply telling our bodies that food is not available, which then slows & crash our metabolism badly.

Body will be damaged if enough calorie is not consumed: Let’s forget about counting calories & talk about what happens if you count them such that you eat an extremely “low-calorie diet”. Your mood can change, your energy and sex drive will plummet, your thyroid will suffer, your skin will suffer, and you will just feel terrible. That’s because your body NEEDS BALANCED NUTRIENTS like proteins, fats and carbs. Don’t restrict yourself & give your body what it needs to function optimally.

Reducing and tracking calorie intake may work in the short-term, but over time can lead to a frustrating lack of results & stagnant weight after an initial weight-loss period.

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