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1. Benefit of online program? How will this work for me? 

It is the most easy, time, saving & inexpensive program especially for today’s people who are busy & have hectic lifestyle but want to lose weight, makes this perfect program for you. Once we receive your payment through online, NEFT or IMPS we will mail you a assessment form if client is out of Mumbai we do send ingredients checklist as well to understand which food items are available easily & locally at your place. These both the documents have to be filled in details, It will allows us to make a diet plan just for you, every session is for 8 or 10 days or as said by the nutritionist. You will send the weight tracker which allow us to  send you next session diet.

 2. What will my diet plan consist of? 

Your diet plan will be based on your current lifestyle, ethics, medical conditions (if any), along with considering your geographical condition & nutritional needs along with easy varieties right from pasta to pizza & much more. It will be based on your foods which you see & eat around.

3. How many days I have to follow one diet plan ? 

One diet plan is also called as 1 session which needs to be followed for good 8-10 days or as said by the nutritionist.

4. Is exercise compulsory? How important is exercise/workout during the program? Without exercise can we lose weight?

Most of our clients do not have time to do any form of physical activity due to their busy schedule and yet have managed to lose a good amount of weight. For any weight loss/wellness/fitness program diet plays 85% role, once you get that right you are bound to get result, if you can exercise you can start with simple 15-20 minutes brisk walk.

5. How much weight loss do we guarantee?

In any health care program anywhere in the world there will not be any guarantee, but yes we promise if you are dedicated to follow our diet plan & advice you shall see results.

6. Will I gain weight once I stop diet plan ? 

Our diet plans are sustainable where we make you lose weight with healthy & balanced diet plans with your current lifestyle teaching you right eating along with right portion control which is “key of our program” adds results for long term lifestyle change.

7. How will I maintain weight post I complete my program ?

Our 6, 9 & 12 sessions programs comes with an exclusive maintenance & cheat guide which makes your life easy & stress free. If you have enrolled for 2 sessions with us don’t worry we share helpful tips which would help in maintenance. 

8. Can I want to lose weight from tummy, butt, hip, thighs & arms?

There is no such diet which helps you to lose weight from only tummy, butts, hips, & arms as you lose maximum fat where it is present in the body. It is only possible through surgery.

7. Is it possible to lose weight without any exercise? 

Yes, Absolutely we have many clients who don’t have time to do any physical activity due to hectic schedule in our program diet  plays very vital role to lose weight which makes us more special. If you have time for exercise you can simply start with 15-20 minutes brisk walk.

9. What to so if i have an unexpected travel/wedding/holidays coming up? 

Before you go on any unexpected travel/wedding/parties just inform us so that we can help out. We have every possible way to help you out. 

10. How will I receive my diet plan?

You will receive your each diet plan through email.

11. Can you give me trial diet or any sample diet?

Since we give customized diet plans we don’t give any trial Or any sample diet because it is only possible for us to plan perfect diet plan for you once we receive your assessment sheet.

12. Do you give crash/Fad diets?

A genuine program will not give any crash diets, it is absolutely false practice. In fact it’s against the principle of nutrition science.

13. Do you give weight losing artificial tablets/powder along with diet plan?

No,We don’t provide any artificial tablets or any kind drug powder. We give you totally healthy food that is around you. This is the reason our all clients are satisfied with our diet plans.

 14. Can I ask queries once we receive the diet plan?

Yes off course ! You ask us unlimited queries via can mail as it becomes to reply & maintain records. We generally don’t prefer whatsapp & any other mode of messages for simple reason again & again opening chat & scroll up & down is time consuming & since it’s app they can crash any time which results in loss of records. 

15. How I can enroll & start the program ? 

Once you select appropriate programs with desire number of sessions in case confused you can get in touch with us via Whatsapp, call or email us so that we can help you & suggest just right program for you.  

You can enroll on our website by simply clicking on enroll now or transfer money to our bank account via net banking,IMPS, NEFT or transfer cash in our account (bank details will be sent to you via whats app or email) Once we receive your payment you have to send us your email ID so that we can register you in our system then we shall send you assessment form via email which will allows us to customize a perfect diet plan.

As you enroll do share the screenshot of the payment via E-mail or whatsapp then forward us your E-mail ID for the registration. Once we register you in our system we will mail you Exclusive nutritional assessment sheet which consist of good 40-50 questions which will help us to plan easy customized comfortable diet plans & ingredients checklist which helps us to understand what all ingredients is available locally so that you don’t end up searching ingredients (if out of Mumbai)  which you have to fill in great details. Once we receive the same we will plan perfect diet for you within 12-18 working hours & will mail you.

16. Breaks in program allowed? 

We do not recommend breaks as they hamper the flow of diet and lifestyle changes that we recommend. Moreover, lifestyle changes are about integrating those into your life regardless of what you are up to. Going on vacations, attending family functions, travelling or not feeling well should not become a factor to stop eating healthy. In case if some other emergency reasons come and you need to pause your program, please get in touch with us it is mandatory to inform us via email . If the hold is approved, you are entitled to have a maximum of 3 weeks break not more than that. Hold/Pause facility is not applicable to 1,2 and 3 month programs. If he/she fails to revert us on our reminders we have rights to shut your program within 30 days from the day we start to send you 1st reminder. In case if you come back after 30 days to us & want to restart the pending program again you have to pay 2500/- penalty amount to get back pending sessions.

17. Should I carry any medical reports to my first appointment ?
If you have any pathology report done within six months, please carry hard copy of it with you when you visit Healthy Mantra for the first time.

18. Will I get refund if i am not satisfied?
Happy to say that there is no place for dissatisfaction if you begin with the right expectations and attitude. This is healthcare, not business. There is no exchange of product. We charge you for our time and expertise, which is irreversible. In case you do not lose weight or achieve the desired result (for which the chances are less than 10%), the worst that will happen is you would have gained health, understood what works and what not for your body and have figured out the root cause to continue at your own pace in life. Please note that due to the nature of services provided, no refund is provided, under any circumstances. So it is important to set your expectations right before joining. If you interrupt or stop the ongoing programme for any reason (such as change of mind, pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you.


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