PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is the most common hormone disorder seen in women have hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems that may affect their overall health and appearance. The most common symptoms are excessive facial hair, hair loss, irregular periods or scanty periods, infertility or difficulty in conceiving. Causes for PCOS are still unknown, however, 50% of PCOS can be genetic & obesity is the major cause. 

Can PCOS be cured? PCOS can’t be cured since it is a disorder the only way to manage it, is healthy weight loss & good lifestyle. No medicines or pills will help to manage it.

Specialized for

• Irregular or scanty periods
• Infertility (Difficulty in conceiving)
• Abnormal hormonal changes
• PCOS fatigue
• Managing imbalanced hormones
• Dissolving cyst/s (depending on the size of cyst/s)
• High energy levels


Our Fight PCOS program comes with customized pcos diet plans where our goal is to make you lose weight in a healthy way with sustainable results along with that we also aim to bring improvements in your PCOS symptoms like getting your periods regular, mood swings, managing your hormones, dissolving your cyst/s (depend on the size of cyst/s), helping you to conceive naturally & high energy levels
We plan all your lifestyle routine considering your schedule and food availability that’s how we teach you lifestyle modifications in comfortable way as per your need making us different.
You will see the results however time frame will differ as everybody is different. If you are religious, regular, and follow our guidance completely you will see the results.
The difference between the online program is consultation is done on call or Whatsapp & in offline program consultation is done face to face rest procedure, diet plans and results remains same.
It is the easiest, time, saving & inexpensive program especially for today's people who are busy & have a hectic lifestyle but want to lose weight, make this perfect program for you. Once we receive your payment through online, NEFT or IMPS we will mail you an assessment form if the client is out of Mumbai we do send ingredients checklist as well to understand which food items are available easily & locally at your place. These both the documents have to be filled in details, It will allow us to make a diet plan just for you, every session is for 8 or 10 days or as said by the nutritionist. You will send the weight tracker & pcos tracker which allows us to send you the next session diet.
Your diet plan will be based on your current lifestyle, ethics, medical conditions (if any), along with considering your geographical condition & nutritional needs along with easy varieties right from pasta to pizza, roti's, rice & much more. It will be based on your foods which you see & eat around.
As said we are running unique programs we don't punish you by taking away your tea or coffee or rice or rotis from routine because we understand how important it is for many people.
Yes, Absolutely we have many clients who don't have time to do any physical activity due to the hectic schedule in our program DIET plays a very vital role to lose weight which makes us more special. If you have time for exercise you can simply start with a 15-20 minutes brisk walk.
Blood reports gives much better idea of what is going inside your body as we cannot detect the hidden medical condition/s which may be present in your body without your awareness. If any condition/s or pre-phase condition/s is detected that can be taken care of while planning your perfect diet plan which brings improvement in medical conditions. So if you have any recent reports please do share with us, if not don't worry we will help you out.
Our 6, 9 & 12 sessions programs comes with an exclusive maintenance & cheat guide which makes your life easy & stress free.
Before you go on any unexpected travel/wedding/parties just inform us so that we can help out. We have every possible way to help you out. 
No,We don't provide any artificial tablets or any kind drug powder or protein shakes for weight loss. We give you totally healthy food that is around you. This is the reason our all clients are satisfied with our diet plans.
Yes off course! You ask us unlimited queries via can mail as it becomes to reply & maintain records. We generally don't prefer WhatsApp & any other mode of messages for a simple reason again & again opening chat & scroll up & down is time-consuming & since it's an app they can crash any time which results in loss of records. 
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If you reside outside India, USD rates apply, and payment must not be in INR​


* Result may vary person to person
*Result may vary person to person

If you are trying to loose weight this is best place

If You are Trying to loose weight..this is the place..go for it , Awsome Experience with Dietician Ruchita Maheshwari,she is a Gem..very helpfull in nature and clear our n-number of doubts... give personal attention..The best Dietican in Town💫

Go with her and achieve your dream

Such a great dietician with a good heart.if uh r think of consulting her without a doudt go for her consulation nd achieve uh dream weight in no tym she is gem she helped me loose alot so don't think much nd go for it. 🙂

Amazing journey lost 12 kgs

Wow!!! I have had an amazing weight loss journey with Ruchita...lost 12Kgs.I can feel improvement in my health.. and my PCOD problems as well... Never felt that I was on a diet throughout the journey because the kind of food and recipes she gives is amazing.She was always there to guide me whenever required ..whether it was eating out or in a wedding. She not only helped me loose weight ..I also learnt the art of cooking and eating food in a healthy way...which in the long run will help me bring up a healthy family.

Thank you! so much for bringing me back what I was

She has taught me so many things about food, portions and health, and now I have become more aware of what I eat. I really found myself feeling much cleaner and better in the 1st session itself! I have lost close to 8 kgs in 6 sessions (that too during wedding season!). she made me feel comfortable and gave me a diet as per comfort. If you want to make yourself healthier and fitter, look no further! Thank you so much for bringing me back to what I was.


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