Keep the stress eating at bay!

Keep the stress eating at bay!

Food is the fuel that runs our bodies.Most people are overweight is because we are eating when we are emotionally hungry & Not when we’re physically hungry.Physical hunger is a gradual sensation that we feel in our stomach, and any food seems appealing.We usually feel good after eating.Most people eat when they are emotionally hungry though.Emotional hunger comes on suddenly and we will crave specific foods. With emotional hunger we can have snack after snack and nothing hits the spot.We often feel guilty after emotional eating. Emotional eating can be due to many reasons, to avoid adding unwanted kilos due to over-binging continue reading.

How to stop stress eating ?

  1. Eat mindful-

Simply ask yourself this question Would I eat carrot right now? If you answer “yes” then you are physically hungry. Go ahead and eat.If your answer is “no” then you are emotionally hungry & not actually hungry for food. You are hungry
for something else (stress relief, a distraction, a quick escape, etc.).The idea is that when we are physically hungry any food is appealing. If the thought of vegetables
doesn’t sound appealing we are not physically hungry.

2) Think once again-
Take a minute to focus on the future (whether that means recalling your weight loss goals, or how awesome you want to look on vacation next month) before you give in to stress eating. It can help get you out of the moment so you make healthier food choices instead of jumping on junk foods.

3) Eat a substitute-
Let’s say you are craving something salty, spicy, and crunchy, such as chips and all you can think about is having a bag of chips. It’s possible that eating something else salty, spicy, and crunchy will suffice—maybe a few pieces of celery/carrots sprinkled with some seasoning or air-popped popcorn dusted with chili powder.If you’re craving something sweet have a fruit/a piece of dark chocolate.

4) Kindness is the key-
Yes,be kind to yourself it’s easier to resist the urge to try to disconnect through stress eating.If you do stress eat, promise that you won’t beat yourself up or punish by starving yourself and understand that it happens to everyone sometimes. That can help stop you from eating out of failure and help you make better choices later.

5) If everything fails-
Go ahead and indulge as food is a lovely comforting thing. So if you are going to do it anyway Sit down let yourself relax and taste the ice cream.Of course do so in moderation. Plan on savoring 2 spoons of ice-cream rather than the whole scoop.

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