Maintain your weight after diet

Maintain your weight after diet

Losing weight is a challenge for those who had been on higher side of weight & when it comes to maintaining that lost weight after “Diet” it’s a bigger challenge as nobody would like to follow diet for rest of life.

Let’s us see what actually dieting means? Dieting is healthy lifestyle modification from your current lifestyle. To put it correctly it is your eating and lifestyle habits which make you put on weight. You can diet but the moment you go back to your old erratic eating habits then the old kilos will come back as well. You don’t have to change your whole life but you can add few small changes which can make a big difference.

“Make small lifestyle changes which will last forever.”

Practice mind full eating

Mindful eating is the practice of listening to internal appetite cues & paying full attention during the eating process. It involves eating slowly, when you eat this way you are most likely to stop when you are truly full. Mindful eating helps with weight maintenance by targeting behaviors that re-commonly associated with weight gain.

Binge in portion control

So another bonus here you don’t have to say “good bye” to your favorite foods. Yes, heard right give up food is not solution. Always plan your cheat meal it can be either once a week or once in ten days choosing which meal as per you either lunch or dinner. At the same time don’t make junk food the ‘treat’ food. It is not a reward, or a medal for your hard work it is just food. Remember that you don’t have to stuff yourself till the neck just eat limit slowly after few bites wait your body to respond & stop, so that later you are not surrounded by guilt which in turn returns punishing yourself.

Love yourself don’t be obsessed

You weigh yourself every day minor fluctuations make you stressed out then you start calorie counting which create a havoc & more mess. We worked hard, achieved our goal love yourself for that don’t obsess. You can sustain the weight by keeping to some healthy habits and still enjoy life. Check your weight once in week to keep track fluctuation of 800 gms -1 kg is almost normal but if difference is more we simply need to work on it calmly it’s easier to lose a little weight than a lot manage your exercise well. Obsession will only make you hate weight loss and go mad.

Exercise to stay fit

Exercise adds extra kick in fitness, so even if you don’t have time for a workout one day, walk instead of driving. Bypass the elevator and take the stairs. Go for a walk after dinner. Still too lazy for exercise read our blog–  Find ways to incorporate movement into your day.

Balance routine

When it comes to maintaining weight sleep also plays important role. Yes! Just as you work entire day your body do need some rest to revive it hence do take good sleep of 7-8 hours erratic sleep hours could be possible reason for disturbed weight also eat breakfast every day to kick-start your metabolism and prevent overeating throughout the day. Make healthful choices such as oatmeal or fruit or whole-wheat toast with ½ tsp peanut butter along with egg white.

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