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Who we are?

Healthy Mantra is an online/offline healthcare center which helps people world wide to achieve their goals with easy, practical, yummy, healthy & tasty food.

What we do?

We plan customized  best weight loss diet plans as per your ethics, current lifestyle, medical condition & nutritional needs which suits perfect for you. No weight loss pills,gadgets, crash/fad diet or physical activity. Diet plans are based on your food which you see & eat around which makes it sustainable.

How we do?

We help you to achieve your goal step by step with our guidance & motivation which will be beneficial for you in long term.

“Don’t just sit & think to start healthier lifestyle. Just make up your mind, bring your thoughts to action & see the change that tastes better.”

My Story

Ruchita Maheshwari


Mantra  is  an  online  health  &  wellness  program  with  an  idea of  spreading  knowledge  of  food  balancing.
Balancing  food  is  a  myth  in  today’s  world  which  we  can  make  it  a  reality.  About 90% of  us know  a  thing or two  about  food and many people do go  on strict diet, they  get some results but then they gained twice the weight & lost thrice the confidence. What’s the reason?Many people have misconception that starving helps to reduce weight but starving yourself will keep you hungry which will just lead you to over eat and indulging extra calories. Now a days Everybody knows how to lose weight (Huge mistake which people often do by doing self-dieting), and in addition we have plenty of unwanted advice’s from a neighbourhood, friends, even family or colleagues.

are thousands of diets available on Google like Top five Weight Loss Diets, Easy Weight Loss Diets etc. on internet but generally these all diets do not work for a long period. May be in starting you will Lose Weight but if you will see your after-after that will really make you unhappy. These diets are generally mono diets, crash diets and very much low in nutrients which are require and important for our body. Such practice can be harm for your body for long term.

Healthy Mantra believes in Balanced Diet with total nutrition, with the help of which you can lose your extra body fat and stay in shape. So don’t just gets influence with the ads and offers, at least think thousand times before you play with your health.

Why we are the best

  • Suitable, easy & practical programs for everyone.

  • We helps to lose/gain weight with yummy foods.

  • Feel improvements in health & medical conditions

  • Eat out, party, attend weddings or travel still lose weight

  • Long-term Sustainable results

Personalised diet plan
No starving, crash or fad diet
No diet feeling
Permanent comfortable lifestyle solutions
Query and guidance
Help to achieve desired weight
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Make your life healthy & fit

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