Enjoy guilt free party

Everyone wants to attend parties & enjoy it guilt free. We have some amazing tips for you follow these tips to enjoy party guilt free. 

1.  Prepare like a pro- Excitement is most common make sure that you prepare yourself mentally by keeping it cool & calm. Try to make advance choice possibly if you are aware of the menu.
2.  Make sure you snack before party- Have a small snack, about one hour before party time, to curb excessive hunger. Try tucking into some high fiber or protein rich snacks. Not much, just a handful. A whole wheat-toast, sprouts, peanuts or 1 cup of greet yoghurt with a fruit are some good options.
3.  Choose smart- All parties is filled with all kinds of snack. Try to choose some baked, grilled, steamed options. Nobody is asking to ditch pakoda’s can have 2 bites but choosing tikka’s or momo’s are much healthier option.

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4.  Go easy on booze- To add booze in party wine or gin or vodka are much better options in portion as it has minimal amount of fructose.
5.  Sip into a glass of water- Keep sipping water it will not prevent over drinking but also easy next day hangover. It keeps you hydrated & reduce over eating as well. At times your brain tends to mix up the signals of hunger and thirst. This means, at times when you are thirsty, you are mistaken to believe that you are hungry and eat much more than your body demands. Drink plenty of water through the party, with the snacks, alongside the drinks and party guilt-free
6.  Be cool & calm- Being conscious of your choices and picking options that make you feel comfortable and in control will place you in good stead for your passage. Learn to say politely no for another drink. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful means to wellness. 
7.  Enjoy the party- Indulge in moderation whether it is dessert or food. Don’t be scared to spend the evening simply enjoying another’s company without cocktails flowing.

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