How to follow healthy lifestyle?

How to follow healthy lifestyle?

How to follow healthy lifestyle? If you learn the mantra of living life then it becomes easy to live with happiness and good health. This article will help you to learn how you can make small yet effective changes in your routine to lead healthy lifestyle. Here are the tips –

First and the most important rule to start healthy lifestyle is to avoid starvation at any cost that doesn’t help, moreover body needs food supply to run whole day even when we are in resting mode just like a car need petrol to run. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is the most important three healthy meals of a day, make sure that you don’t miss them.

Next simple rule is to keep your plate well balanced where you should include complex carbs, proteins, healthy fats and fiber on your plate, go with 40% complex carbs, 40% proteins, 10% healthy fats those are good fats and 10% fiber.

Along with taking care of your plate don’t forget to add at least two servings of any seasonal fruits it can be even a banana also. Yes! banana will not harm you or it will not make you fat. if you are someone who is diabetic then pair banana with some almonds, always go with mild moderate riped banana and not completely riped banana. Another two servings can be of veggies which you can consume in either salad or sabji form.

Most of us must be cautious about eating but fails to select correct cooking oil. about 90% percent of people who cooks at home are using REFINED OIL which doesn’t do healthy wonders in the body, instead good options are white sesame seeds oil, coconut oil, peanut oil and mustard oil. In the upcoming article we will discuss in detail about why you should use these oils.


Even the utensils that we use for cooking makes huge difference in our health and lifestyle. Better with best options are stainless steel utensils with food grade stainless steel, iron utensils, clay utensils, brass utensils. These days majority of people are using plastic cause its in trend and way comes in less costing but just to highlight the truth durability of such products are less and have hazardous effects on our health, over 75% people suffers from cancer cause of using plastics containers for keeping hot food.

As per our Asian climate drinking at least 2.5-3.5 liters of water in summer, 1.5-2 liters of water in winter and 2-2.5 liters of water in monsoon is essential for the body for normal people, Completing 6-8 hours of sleep is also important for our body to get count it in healthy lifestyle routine.

Adding plain oats in whole wheat flour while kneading dough will be counted as a healthy step, you can take three portions of whole wheat flour and one portion of plain oats, trust me you will not be able to feel any taste change in the chapatis or roti’s which you make normally. On some days you can use multigrain flour to make chapatis instead of whole wheat flour. You can take soya flour, ragi flour, jowar flour, bajra flour, Chana dal flour in equal ratio and prepare your own multigrain flour or you can get from super market please read the label before you buy from out. Buy Low gi 7 grain flour they are one of the best flour in the market.


From simple white rice switch to LOW GI rice which looks like white rice but has better fiber and low gi means it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels quickly even diabetes people can have it. Taste is as good as white they are non-chewy and it takes less time to cook as compared to brown rice where taste is also different. Yes! brown rice is another healthy option when it comes to rice but less people are comfortable with the taste so here you have two options now in rice as well to choose from. Go as you like !! Buy Low gi rice 

Last but not least just like eating healthy is important in the same way being happy and less stress keeps our mental being good which completes our health. Always stay happy and to fight stress you can do meditation it does wonders if practiced on regular bases.

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