Yes! Bottle gourd (lauki) can be FATAL

Yes! Bottle gourd (lauki) can be FATAL


Watch out!! if you really love bottle gourd (lauki) & consume it to keep yourself & your family fit ?? then you have to read the article till the end as today we are gonna reveal somethings which you should know if you are dudhi lover … Yes! Bottle gourd (lauki) can be fatal. 

Why can lauki be fatal for you & your members around? 

Have you ever had Lauki (bottle gourd) which is bitter in taste that is cucurbitacins which are responsible for the bitter taste of the bottle gourd. These cucurbitacins are toxic in nature when it is present in more amount in the bottle gourd it can turn fatal for you & reaction starts in the body within 3 minutes as you consume it & within max 48-72 hours the person is pushed towards death if not treated on time. 

What are the symptoms?

> Severe abdominal pain

> Blood in vomiting

> Diarrhoea

> Gastrointestinal bleeding  passing blood through stools

> Kidney Failure

How to prevent this situation?

  1. Always taste the bottle gourd whenever you are preparing. Tasting a small piece bite can save many life’s.
  2. Do not combine bitter lauki with any other sweet thing as bitterness is overcome by the sweetness which can be dangerous for you. 

So next time you plan to use bottle gourd keep these things in mind as bottle gourd (lauki) can be FATAL.

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