Enjoy New Year Party like a PRO!

Enjoy New Year Party like a PRO!

This year is going to end soon where party plans are already in the air with lots of fun & unique ideas. No wonder! This party comes with an unwanted gift box of weight gain fear for most of the people, Isn’t it? Let us allow you to enjoy new year party without stress of gaining weight. To know more keep reading…

Enjoy new year party like a pro!

Follow these pre-party tips for 2 days before party

a) Start your day with 2-3 tulsi leaves adding 1 glass of warm water as you get up within 15 minutes. This will help to cleanse your body from inside giving a kick to boost metabolism. If breakfast is not possible within an hour of waking have 1 fruit or few walnuts or almonds or even cashewnuts will do.

b) Don’t skip breakfast as it is most important meal to start your day. Have whole-some healthy breakfast like vegetable paneer poha, vegetable paneer upma, sprouts chaat with veggies as per your likings, Spanish vegetable omelet, chicken sandwich with your 1 cup tea or coffee.

c) Make sure you are not starving yourself thinking eating nothing will help to reduce or maintain your weight. That’s a completely wrong concept, it hampers your metabolism which increase your weight and will disturb your body cycle might make you suffer from constipation, weakness, dehydration, high acidity &nausea.

d) Go with flow! have balanced lunch and dinner which includes rotis or rice, dal or pulses if non-veg have fish or chicken or egg whites and off-course adding salad or sabji cooked in moderate oil. You can definitely add ½ to 1 tsp of ghee on your rotis.

e) In mid-morning & evening do add 2 servings of seasonal fruits in total, it can be banana also!! Avoid tetra fruit juice or fresh fruit juice as they lack fiber &  vitamins.

f) Drink atleast 1.5-2 liters of water in this season which is very basic but plays a vital role excluding tea, coffee or green tea.g) Keep at the bay binging on deep fried food items.

Finally, the day have come for which you have been waiting don’t panic or stress avoid following any stunts on this day like starving or eating less thinking, you will eat in party this can add trouble just as cherry on the cake. Instead follow these tips –

a) Start your day with 1 tsp chyawanprash gulp with 1 glass of warm water. It’s one of the best super foods in winter which keeps body temperature stable & manage unwanted cravings.

b) Follow the normal routine starting with breakfast till evening.

c) Drink plenty of water on this day.

d) Never go hungry to the party always consume 1 fruit, or a handful roasted Chana or unsalted roasted peanuts, or whole wheat egg white or vegetable toast with a glass of water or 1 glass of buttermilk before thirty minutes you leave for the party.

e) Once you reach the party be calm and cool. Remember we don’t have to jump on food thinking this is end of life. Practice mindful eating and smart eating that’sthe ‘key’.

f) Starting with starter’s go easy try to choose baked, grilled or steamed like paneer tikka, chicken tikka, fish tikka, momo’s. These are healthy options but it doesn’t mean you can enjoy your pakoda’s or spring rolls! Enjoy them eat in moderation have one or two pieces.

g) Moving towards boozing go slow… better options to choose are wine, vodka or gin as it has minimum amount of fructose. Once your pack is over learn to say ‘no’ if someone is offering or forcing you to have another.

h) Before heading towards dinner explore the dinner counters with your groups of friends or family and make up your mind what you will have in dinner. Go to the only counters which you have already planned to eat (serve in moderation). Don’t worry if one serving is not sufficient you can take another once you complete the first serving. This will avoid the unwanted landing of food on the plate &overeating, keeping the guilt away.

i) Here smartness is not choosing only baked, steamed, grilled, soups or salad but enjoying what you like in moderation as you were waiting for this day. Eat slowly, talk to your friends, enjoy evening and weather also keep sipping water in between. If you feel you have still over loaded your plate with food avoid over eating or wasting it simply sharing food at this point works the best!

j) End your dinner with 3 magical bites of your favorite dessert.

After enjoying party few of you must have gone off track. Are you thinking that you should detox or be on liquids entire day?? Cut that crap!! instead follow this post party tips will help you to get back on track.

a) Start your day with warm lemon water with a pinch of turmeric this will help to cleanse your body and organs.

b) Follow by normal routine like breakfast to lunch without starvation. Understand there is no compensation as it will simply leave you hungry which in return will make you over eat more.

c) Add 2 servings of mixed fruits on this day.

d) Sip 2 mugs of green tea today by adding 1 tsp of ginger juice and 2 glasses of buttermilk with a pinch of roasted zeera seeds powder

e) End your day with filling yet balanced dinner like veg tomato omelette, moong dal chillas, thin yellow or green split moong dal khichdi, steamed idlis with sambhar or steamed dhoklas with raw papaya chutney. Avoid bread on this day in dinner to give less stress to the body.

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