Top 5 things that every parent should stop doing with their kids

Top 5 things that every parent should stop doing with their kids

Every parent want that their kids should be healthy and fit so they try to make them eat healthy as much as possible adding more best ways as per them but still you are going wrong. Here are top 5 things that every parent should stop doing with their kid’s

  1. Say ‘No’ to breakfast which comes out of the package

In this hustle & bustle life without hiding & excuses many parents do give their kids packed breakfast which claims that they are healthy and nutritious. Think for a minute! how any thing that comes out of the package having shelf life of more than a month can be healthy & intact with all good nutrition? In fact, they are loaded with preservatives, emulsifiers, corn syrups for which we pay so much money thinking they are safe for our kids. This means we are feeding our kids a kind of slow poison.

Correction – Give them freshly prepared home-made breakfast as its their growing phase. You can give them paratha with curds, vegetable upma or poha sprinkle sprouts over it, varities of sandwiches, idlis or dosa with sambhar, 1 glass of milk with handful of dry fruits.  To view healthier recipes, click here

b) Red cross for plastic dabbas & bottles in school

This small change will bring big impact on health replace all the plastic dabbas & bottles as Nourishment, when it interacts with the material, like plastic particularly when food packed hot it becomes unsafe plastic leeches out synthetic compounds called ‘Xenoestrogens’ that cause hormonal imbalance, low immunity & also disturbed behaviour in some kids.

Correction – Instead give them steel bottle

c) Keep away gadgets while eating

Don’t give them the gadget so that they complete their meal. This is most important habit that a parent should correct. It simply not only spoils the habit (addiction) along with indigestion problems due to lack of chewing food properly but also damage the kids’ brain. It also attracts undesirable eating which turns into a propensity while using gadget as kids can’t value the food that they eat.

Correction – Try to make sure that all family eats together on the dining table this will also improves bonding & understanding between the family members. 

d) Post dinner no chocolates or ice creams

Yes! For some parents this heart-breaking news. Chocolate have caffeine this is the reason it is best not to give your kids vast chocolate as a desert after supper time. Ice-cream on the other hand contain lots of sugar which will add up instant energy which will take away their sleep.

Correction – If they ask some thing sweet you can simply give them 1 cup kesar milk, 1 date or 1 small pc of jaggery

e) Stop making them coach snail

If your kids just love to play video/play station games or spending more time with just projects or books that’s not good sign. It can simply pile up more stress which can depress them also affects the growth of the kids

Correction – Give some motivation to them you can also start with your childhood story so that at least they get motivate and  go out to play outside which adds physical activity will help them to grow.

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