7 signs of kidney that you should not avoid!!

Kidney is most important organ of our body. What all kidney do? filters blood, Kidneys throws out wastes materials from our body, creates fluid balance in the body, and keep the correct levels of electrolytes. In a day all of the blood in our body passes through them about 40 times.

Our precious kidneys have so many functions to perform and if you are not being careful about its health can lead to some irreversible complications. You will be shocked to know that a large number of population is living with kidney disease but they are not aware about it. Sad to say kidney disease is progressive.

Who are at the risk of kidney disorder?

Chronic type of kidney disorders is commonly seen in people who already have hypertension, diabetes or have a family history of kidney diseases. Other factors may depend on your age older, having low birth weight, using certain medications for a long time, chronic urinary tract infections, kidney stones and even obesity.

Here are the 7 signs that says your kidney needs help:

1. Poor sleep is one of the sign people suffering from kidney disorders. Toxins tend to stay in the blood, instead of leaving the body via urine, which impacts sleep when kidney doesn’t filter blood properly. People suffering from chronic kidney disorder have sleep apnea as compared to the general population.

2. Skin itching, If you are facing chronic skin issues, it can be an indication of underlying kidney disorder. If you have chronic dry and itchy skin it can indicate mineral and bone disease, which is indirectly linked with advanced kidney disorder. When kidneys are not able to strike a correct balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood it simply leads to dry and itchy skin.

3. Puffy eyes Kidney disorders can lead to edema, which can lead to swelling around the eyes. This puffiness around the eyes can be sign of a large amount of protein getting leaked in the urine from the kidneys instead of keeping it in the body. puffiness can be one or both eyes.

4. Muscles cramping is very common these days it can be due to imbalance of fluids and electrolytes, low calcium and phosphorus level. It could be one of the major reason for underlying kidney disorder. Cramps could be cause of blood flow issues which also leads to nerves damage. If its for long time you should not ignore the same.

5. Swelling in your ankles and feet can be another sign of kidney disorder. In such case keep an eye on hidden sodium that goes in your body from packed foods, if you don’t consume packed foods items then reduce daily salt intake along with fluid intake in foods such as soups and yoghurts, to help reduce swelling. Have you ever noticed swelling in your feet, face and ankles? yes? then it can be a sign of kidney disorder. It is recommended to cut down daily salt and fluid intake which includes liquid in foods such as soups and yoghurts so that it helps to reduce swelling. 

6. One of job of kidneys is to make urine, Urine may change when your kidneys aren’t working properly. If you frequent feel to go loo after short time its is indication of kidney disorder. If urination is more in night time then it can be kidney disorder. Frequent urination happens as the kidney’s filters they may be damaged which increases urge to urinate.

7. Reduction in intake of food, poor appetite, unreason weight loss can be sign of kidney disorder too!! 

Tips to keep kidneys healthy

– Stay physically active and exercise daily 

– Practice yoga and meditation

– Say ‘Omm’ in humming sound at one stretch for 10-20 seconds, repeat it again.

– Maintain a healthy weight by eating a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes

Avoid these 

 Say no or reduce junk, too much spicy and processed foods.

– Do not drink too much water as it can pressurize your kidneys.

– Say no to alcohol and smoking. Smoking kills your blood vessels, which leads to decrease of blood flow in the kidneys.

– Without consulting your doctor do not take any supplements as they can effect your kidneys.

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