Top tips to delay your periods naturally

Top tips to delay your periods naturally

Menstruation cycle is a natural process that takes place in women occurs every month which bring out some physical attributes in them hence differentiating them from men. Sometimes you might just want to delay your periods because you have planned vacation or have a wedding or party or function to attend or have your own wedding . There are many medicines are available in the market which gives harmful side effects along with that it affects reproductive organ too.

Choose natural way to delay your periods

Here are top tips that can help to delay your periods by 4-5 days:

a) Coriander seeds Follow this tip before 8 days of your period’s date. Soak the 1 tbsp green coriander seeds in 2-3 glasses of water over-night. Next morning boil this water for 2-3 minutes on medium flame cool this water. Add a pinch of roasted zeera powder in one glass of this water & consume it for 2-3 times a day daily till you want to delay your periods. This drink should be consume before meals.

b) Sattu Powder – Before 7 days of your period’s date start consuming sattu drink 2 times a day till you wish to delay your periods. In this avoid adding green chilies, black pepper powder it may trigger your periods to come early. This drink can be consumed any time.

c) Mint Leaves – Grind the mint leaves in a blender and strain the juice from it. In a glass of water add 2 tsp of this pudina juice and consume it for 2 to 3 times a day before 5 days of your periods. You can consume this drink post meals.

d) Shepherd Herb – Mix 1 tsp of shepherd herb powder in 1 glass of water consume it 2 times a day before 7 days of your periods. Availability of this herb in India is rare.

e) Healthy Shot – Consume this healthy shot twice a day before 8 days of your periods date. The benefit of this drink is it will help to delay your periods along with this it will give healthy skin.

f) Salad – Include a bowl of salad including lettuce, carrot, curds, cucumber with no dressing with your meals twice a day every day along with any one above tip. It will help to keep your body environment cool.

g) Jeef drink – Soak over-night 1 tsp of unroasted jeera seeds & 1 tsp saunf (fennel seeds) in almost 250 ml of water. Next morning boil it for 3-4 minutes once its cool strain this drink and consume it 2-3 times a day before 7 days of your periods.

Try to eat clean and take care of food temperature. Avoid spicy, oily & deep-fried food items, ginger, garlic, papaya, sesame seeds, green chillies, dates, pineapple, red meat, jaggery, black peppers as they are hot in nature.

**Try one tip at a time. Lots of women have got the desired result from the above tips that we have listed above. However, still you may find difference in the intensity of the effects. Postponing your cycles for too long is anyway not a healthy practice and should not be tried too often.

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